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iphone motherboard parts replacement with cclk lk acti all fixed

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Hadits follower

here is just few only 

rest many exist in my other place




i have never seen iphone 6 in my life but i wish one day i will see it 

i do not like iphone i like android because android very powerfull cpu in samsung galaxy s10 5g 

just worked on iphone hardware for fix software and reuse it still all motherboard inside all parts are untouch 

8 month repaired iphone spare parts but 90 percent parts are ok still can use and can make a iphone just need motherboard iphone 5 




apple confirmed in to link with all country sim carriar compile 

8 month i am reverse into it and end in 5s , dont know what going on in i6 and latter

meid i 5 fixed lockdown can use the *# function after restart and fixed permanent factory acti


credit to appletech752 for relay and pwndfu 

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