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Download window of Brave dosen't popup quickly!


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Hi guys,

since a while I have a problem with my Brave browser and the downloader itself in brave.Each time if I wanna download something with Brave itself (file / html / etc) then it takes a long while before the window popups where I can press save to start the download process.Also the process usage gets increased pretty high that time and if I download something with Brave itself then it always lags anyhow and I can also not use the browser itself anymore to switch tabs or whatever.Few weeks ago I tried to download some files from Mega folder I have selected at once and it was horroable to wait & wait till the window of Brave did popup for each single file.That was a PITA and I had to wait till all was finished before I could use the brower again too browse. :slap:Now I would like to know what the problem is with Brave itself and why it takes so long etc.In Firefox I don't get that problem.Has anyone a clue what it could be and how to fix it?If I remember right (not sure anymore) I think the problem did started after WIndows update to 20H2 but as I said I'am not sure anymore.Maybe you have some ideas why I get that issues with Brave itself.Thank you.


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