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How to view more than one tabs and co at once?

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Hi guys,

I have few questions about tabs in browser and how to view them (Firefox / Chrome).So I would like to see all tabs I have open in browser at once in a new tab.If I remember right then in earlier versions of Firefox it was possible or?In settings I can see something to setup to show important sites and visited site etc but I wanna get shown just all sites / tabs I have open in browser.Lets say I have 5 tabs open then I would like to get see all those 5 tab pages all at once.You know what I mean?Is that doable or do I need any extensions for that?

Another similar question.I also didnt found a method to let show more than one video / stream in one tab.Why?Still not possible?

Example: Lets say its football time (sports time etc) and the games / matches are running to same time and I wanna watch them live at once.So on TV screen I have to switch from channel to channel or I need to use more than one TV screens etc what sucks but these days will all using the internet to watch and now I would like to have a function to see live streams more than one at the same time without to switch from tab to tab.I just wanna open for example 2,3,or 4 tabs with any channel and now I just wanna open another tab to see all streams into that one like a multi view.Great idea (thanks me :) ) but I don't have seens such a function in any browser yet or any extension.Maybe there is any I don't know yet.I think there must be anything for that or?If you know something then just tell us to check this out.Thank you.


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not really what I'am looking for.So it does just open another windows.

1.) I just wanna get shown all tabs I have open at once like larger thumbnails to get a good overview of all open/pinned etc tabs.In best case with live update.

2.) I wanna have same function for players.If you visit any page with video/stream content then you can see it on their site or you can press that button of Firefox etc to get a new player to see where the stream/video does play into (not sure how the function is called).Somehow the browser does pipe the stream to browser build in player etc and you can see the player and surf go on on other tabs.So what is if I have running more than one stream?Then I have to switch from one tab to next tab like in a ping pong match and this sucks of course.Just wanna see them all into one tab (2 streams using half size of screen etc) in one tab.You know?Like a conference meeting.Lets say thereĀ  are 4 people then you get the screen splitted by 4.Somehow like that but it should be clear what I mean right?Just did wonder why the browser do not support that already so its a old hat.


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