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Do you know any tools like WinSpy?

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Hi guys,

I'am looking for any tools I can use to get informations about apps (conrtols / classes etc).I found WinSpy 1.7 (x86) and Spy++ 14.0 (x86/x64).



Do you know some other and better tools maybe to get more informations about used controls etc?What tools do you use?


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i use Au3Info too, who is good a small.

edit: i attached it in case, you don't want to dl the whole autoit package.
i use it mostly to identify the target controls and send my serial from my keygen into the app dialog, if you want a snippet:

invoke FindWindow, NULL, addr szSerialDialog
.if eax
   mov hwnd, eax
   invoke SendDlgItemMessageA,hwnd,132,WM_SETTEXT,0,addr szSerial



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Hi guys,

the WinDowzer dosent run (error invalid image).I am using x64 OS.

The Au3Info / au3spy I dont see any download link of a compiled exe.I dont use AutoIt or have it installed.


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Hi again,

thanks for uploading the files guys.

Question: Why I dont get all controls captured with the tools?

Example: I wanna catch the splitter control but I dont get it.In earlier days I always used WinForce tool on XP & Windows 7 and there I got everything.Now in the tools I have tested (WinSpy and your tools) I don't get it.Why?

PS: How to use the WinDowzer tool?I dont see any capture function / button?


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Drag the mouse to the position you need, then press Alt + Ctrl + W. 

This tool doesn't have a Capture option, but it's useful. If you need other tools The link is at the top. 

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