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Do you know any good Noise Remover VST plugin?

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Hi guys,

so I'am trying to find any good plugin I can use with any audio editor tools supporting VST input.I found some free VST here..,


...and in this set you can find the plugin called ReaFIR.Its working ok so far +/- but its already a old plugin and some similar internal plugin I have also in CoolEditPro 2.0.Now I thought that after 20 years there is any new plugin/s out there I could try out to get some better results now.On internet I just found some VST called "ERA Noise Remover" pretty offten but its not free and also found no download for it.Did anyone test this out and can tell whether its a good one (better as ReaFIR)?Otherwise I can just use some internal Noise Remover of any audio tools like audacity to get similar same results like with ReaFIR +/-.So my goal is it to remove noises of spoken audio.In most cases I get it work (more or less) but mostly the results sounds pretty aqua etc you know.So if you know some better VSTs / tools I could obtain better results then just tell me.Thank you.


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Hi guys,

thanks for the infos so far.The Audacity tool I tried already but I don't get pretty good results out (similar like with ReaFIR).Its ok but no highlight you know.I tried to find the tools you are talking about guys and found first that iZotope RX 7 one I tried to check out to remove noises and I'am really surprised.Right one first shot I got SUPER results.All noises are gone (95%) that the voice who is talking does still sound original (No aqua / flanger / under water sound).Thats HOT! 🌶️

But there is also a bad news about that tool.The reults I get out are pretty good BUT there is a big disadvantage.....I can not export the good results in a new audio file! :( Yes of course I can save / export any selection to MP3 / Wav and other formats but I don't get the same resuts out in the saved file.Seems to be any bug.Both selections (I have saved as new file and selection in the app) do sounds diffrent and I can also hear noises right at the beginning part.Thats really bad.Did you notice the same issue by using that app @Extreme Coders?

PS: I tried to export the good selection in the app with all formats and high quality but with all I get the same bad results out.


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Posted (edited)

PS: Ok I found the problem.On Windows itself I had enabled the volume equalization effect to hear more and iZotope does not use it (all other audio apps using it) that makes the diffrent in hearing.All fine now so far with iZotope and the export results.

Since I did update Windows to 20H2 the sound sounds diffrent as before.I also had to enable the volume equalization effect to hear more but also in enabled mode I have to increase the loudness control higher than before the update.Not sure what WIndows use for other audio drivers now.


EDIT: I see a problem trying to load AAC files.The app does do something / trying to load / but I don't get any wave or time to see = all empty.Nothing loaded.On the HP I can read this...

Supported file formats in RX

Supported Audio Import Formats:

Supported Audio Export Formats:

Supported Video Import Formats:
AVI, MPEG, Windows Media Video, MOV, M4V

....AAC in mp4 container dosent work to load.Avi and WMV also do not work to load so there I get a Bad Format Error message.Only thing I can do is to convert AAC to MP3.Uhhm!

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Extreme Coders

Generally wav is the best format for import/export as it's lossless and almost all tools support it. So there won't be any quality loss when exporting it from one tool and importing it in another. Converting the final wav to a suitable format (mp3/aac/etc) is best done at the last stage when no further post-processing work is required. For inter-converting audio formats there's always ffmpeg, Handbrake, Avidmux.

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Hi again,

just trying to find still a solution with iZotope and audio input / output devices to get the same to hear as in all other tools who playing audio.

Example: Below a image of my sound device and what I have enabled.I have to because otherwise its just too quietly so I have to turn it on.The difference between on/off is hughe and in editor tools I need to have the same loudness as outside.On image below you can see its on.


So normaly to change anything in this setting above does change the whole global sound which get played from any app like  VLC player or CoolEdit or other app & tools but  unfortunately it dosen't work with iZotope and the sounds keep playing like in deactivated modus and I don't understand why and how to make it work same like with all other apps.So in iZotope I have a audio settings tab where I can set some devices what I tried already but its also not working...


...I really don't know how to get it work to hear the same loudness which get used for all other tools too.So did anyone else had the same problem with that iZotope tool and found out how to fix it etc?Its pretty bad that its not working yet for me because I need to edit in a gloabl loudness of course.Just asking because I found no solution for that and  maybe some of you have any clue what I could do etc.Thank you.


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