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Looking for a Image to Text tool

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Hi guys,

do you know any standalone tools (without to create any account / sending online) I can use to scan images with text content and get the text extracted?On internet I found two tools.

Easy Screen OCR

The first one is ok so far but not very exact and I get diffrent wrong letters out.The second one does not work and just crashs if I try to scan a image or a capture etc.Get some NET error. :( Its not working and also just a text version (I see now in aboutbox) with 20 free tests etc.Ok, thats not what I'am looking for.

Do you know any better tools?


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There is no magic tool that will work for each and every case. Depending on what inputs you have, 100% accuracy might not even be possible. Also, things like captchas require a specific approach and standard OCR is insufficient.
Perhaps you could show a test image?


Having said that, probably the most commonly used free tool is Tesseract, with all it's incarnations and wrappers: https://tesseract-ocr.github.io/tessdoc/User-Projects-–-3rdParty.html 
That should work for most normal cases. If you have a lot of images all using a very specific font, it's better to train your own OCR database: https://towardsdatascience.com/simple-ocr-with-tesseract-a4341e4564b6


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Hi again,

thanks for the infos so far.I was just testing at the moment to find any good working & handy tool.I did check the list of tools you did post kao.I tried the first one called "normcap" and this seems to work better.It has just a capture function which is very good but the handling sucks.I can just run it and capture anything I see at this moment so I can not change to any WIndow XY or something.Thats bad.Would be good to have such a tool with capture function I could use in any situation you know.

But at the moment this tool normcap is best so far. :)


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