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Update Windows 10 1909 to 20H2?

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Hi guys,

so I got a new info about to update my WIn 10 version with the new 20H2 version with a download & install text.Seems to be any big update I have to do and just wanna ask some questions about it before I allow the update to install.

1.) Why I have to update to 20H2?They just telling me that I dont get any updates anymore if I dont update to 20H2 = I get forced again!

2.) What I have to keep in mind and care about before I update?What about all my system settings / files / desktop / download folder etc.Does it keep untouched or have I to backup some stuff?

Maybe anyone could tell me something about it and what to do etc.So my WIndows is working fine so far and I dont wanna mess it up or reset the system setting etc you know.Some infos would be helpfully for me not doing anything wrong here.Thank you.

PS: Why new update?Are there any new major features or just only useless cheese stuff?


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25 minutes ago, LCF-AT said:

Why I have to update to 20H2?They just telling me that I dont get any updates anymore if I dont update to 20H2 = I get forced again!

Most of us use Windows 10 LTSC - Just use it and no more such issues :)

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How to use that?I dont wanna re-install my Windows OS or something like that.Just wanna use it go on as it is now.

Otherwise I wanna know whether I can install that 20H2 update and to be sure that all my settings / datas / installed apps stay untouched or have I to backup all that shit?I'am getting pretty angry now just because of the MS idiots again to force to make a X big update without to know what to care about it or whether I have to care about my datas / setting and whatever.So my system is running well now and I dont have issues and it should keep running like now but MS is saying "Hehe, come one Baby, lets update, everything will be going fine, just true me, heheheheheh!!" you know.Just wanna say "Keep updating my system with normal updates go on and just F-Off you MS-MF's.


Still not sure what to do now.Did anyone already update it and could tell what is changed after about settings / installed apps / user folders (desktop / downloads) etc?


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LTSC = is the Win10 stable version for Enterprises..

testing new features on new versions, and any module proved stable, merge to LTSC, they releasing LTSC every 2-3 years...  For example ~1yr ago tested LTSC, didnt have dark theme embedded.


more @ 

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If you do not want to update then you have the option to disable updates by disabling the UpdateOrchestrator service and the triggers for it in task scheduler

If you want to update then I doubt you would lose any data from your current windows install as long as you do not format or repartition but backing up is always recommended with any major update

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Hi guys,

so I made the update now to 20H2.Whole update process has taken 40 minutes and was going well so far without any issues. :) All datas are still there where they was and apps seems to be work fine too.Just see some settings was changed in registry etc.So I think I had good luck this time.Yesterday I was watching some vids on YT about 20H2 problems after installing which was horroble (some config bug after).Good that I didnt got that trouble.

Before I tried to update my Win 10 on VM too but did failed already with normal 1909 updates on reboot and Windows did start the pepair mode to uninstall the update.After that I tried to install the 20H2 directly as first in VM but also failed with a message that it need 10 GB free space and I got only 3 GB free in VM of 30 GB.All datas are just from Windows itself.Anyway, all working so far for my normal system.

Will see to try that LTSC OS in VM later so thanks again for that info.


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