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How to scroll or jump back on reddit channels?


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Hi guys,

small question today.I was checking out some channels on reddit and see that the posts are shown just by scrolling down page by page etc and it seems to go on endless but after a while it does just stop and dosen't popup more older posts and there seems to be any kind of limit.My question now is: How to scroll more back in time to show more older posts and how to set some kind of markers then?Lets say I do check out posts of few weeks/months and few days later I wanna check go on from the old position where I did stopped.How to do that?There are no single pages like on blogs or forums.I also don't wanna scroll down tons of posts each time you know.Is that possible to make that work / handle better or is it just so on reddit?If yes then its pretty stupid!Or maybe its me and I don't see any function I could use for that. :) Anyway, so if you got some hints for that then just tell us.Thank you.



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Hi whoknows,

thanks for that hint about using "old" site of reddit.I can get more in time but its also limited and I can not check all posts.I also tried to use the search function and checking the found results and here I got the same problem....just showing results of few days and thats it.Total stupid!Next problem are the color themes which are looking diffrent with old and without old and also to disable the dark mode it does show all in dark color.What a fornication!I really don't know what the problem is, maybe I'am too old school or whatever.

Also the search and filter functions are PITA.Now I found a extension called "Reddit Enhancement Suite" I can enter filters and more but all in all a way to much complicated.So in my oponion the reddit webpage style / handling is only good for temporary postet stuff you can check everyday or all few days (like a stream) but very bad to check entire channels/subreddits manually (last - first post) or find something = ridiculous!For that I can just say "reddit, you can shred it". :( Really disappointing and a pity.


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