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Youtube Google - New annoying cookie NAG!!!

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Hi guys,

so I noticed few days ago that YT has changed again something to ask about cookies and does now redirect the YT link to this...


...each time / everyday to ask about cookie stuff etc.So this is really uhhmmmm!!!You know, I could puke around.I don't wanna see & get that shit NAG each time / browser call (cookie clean) and choose and accept or turn On/Off that options.So before I didnt got that too so why now?My question now is whether anyone found already a way / method to bypass this redirection cookie NAG by using some uBlock Origin filter entrys or anything else maybe?Would be nice if anyone has something to bypass that dung. :)

Thank you and greetz

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"...each time / everyday to ask about cookie stuff etc.So this is really uhhmmmm!!!You know, I could puke around.
I don't wanna see & get that shit NAG each time / browser call (cookie clean) and choose and accept or turn On/Off that options..."

I totally agree!

I was also looking for something like the "no redirects" add-on,
but so far I'm just ignoring Google , or at least trying to ... :-)

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@LCF-ATgive a try @



youtube.com/watch?v=msoOdQID60I can be @



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Teddy Rogers

Its the EU user consent policy that Google has to comply with. You may see this type of thing popping up more often because you live in the EU.

Some options, use a VPN to make it appear you are outside of the EU. Alternatively use one of the annoyance filters that come with adblock; Fanboy, AdGuard, etc.


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Yes I would expect a lot more of this.  GDPR caused a bit of chaos on a lot of websites for EU users but it motivates perhaps more general changes in anticipation of laws changing elsewhere.  I still cant access some news websites in the US on an EU IP.  Clearing cookies is no longer really a great idea anyway for all sites.  Really you should whitelist the sites you want to preserve state with and clear the rest.  Most of us don't use so many sites and practically speaking everyone is limited by time and energy of maintaining account registrations, etc so it's not a lot to whitelist some domains or subdomains or URLs that are deemed important or annoying to dismiss privacy settings on.  I expect the browsers will facilitate in managing such a whitelist better soon.  Persisting state is inevitable.  Even persisting the cookie just after accepting to avoid further tracking data is no guarantee that server side they won't forcibly make sure the cookie is being updated or else time it out.

If you want two way communication with another computer e.g. a server then you will have to play by its rules and it must play by yours.  Otherwise simply stop using it.  The protocol is flexible enough to allow anything check wise.  If you are using free services, I mean what do you expect.  I miss the old days as much as everyone else but the commercialization is heavy now but it was inevitable.  Not worth crying over it.  Decentralized solutions have simply not kept up popularity and development wise for the privacy oriented, but they will make a comeback someday, they always do.  The ever present possibility of counter balance remains though. 

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same kind of shit happened to me, on TC with their kind of nag announcement who wont go away till you have the good cookie, so i made a script to fix the problem ith greasemonkey, shared it, and and got a warning on their forum for  'hacking with script' lmao.

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Hi guys,

thanks for your answers so far.Yes I know that cookie rules in the EU for a while already but in case of G/YT they seems to overshoot the mark and getting more and more aggressive to force showing NAGs and force the people to select / accept.Its pretty bad of course.I don't wanna waste my time each time with that you know.So lets talk about more what I could do to bypass this cookie questions NAG / redirection.

Using other Hosts seems to work for me (+/- slow) but also takes time to do this each time.Maybe just a good idea if I have just use some direct page links.

youtube.com/watch?v=msoOdQID60I can be @

....anything for uBlock too?What is Fanboy?Just getting some comic figure to see if I search for it... :)

Alternatively use one of the annoyance filters that come with adblock; Fanboy, AdGuard, etc.


Really you should whitelist the sites you want to preserve state with and clear the rest.

So how to manage that when using browser in private mode?So I always let clear all cookies / datas from any session and start the browser fresh and clean you know.

so i made a script to fix the problem ith greasemonkey, shared it, 
and and got a warning on their forum for  'hacking with script' lmao.

...does your script also work with YT?I'am using Tampamonkey and it should work then too.Can you post it?


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This is working for me to block the YT signin using GreaseMonkey

// ==UserScript==
// @name     Youtube Signin Block Script 512826
// @version  1
// @grant    none
// ==/UserScript==
// SentinelJS is a JavaScript library that lets you detect new DOM nodes
const sentinel = function(){var e,n,t,i=Array.isArray,r={},o={};return{on:function(a,s){if(s){if(!e){var f=document,l=f.head;f.addEventListener("animationstart",function(e,n,t,i){if(n=o[e.animationName])for(e.stopImmediatePropagation(),t=n.length,i=0;i<t;i++)n[i](e.target)},!0),e=f.createElement("style"),l.insertBefore(e,l.firstChild),n=e.sheet,t=n.cssRules}(i(a)?a:[a]).map(function(e,i,a){(i=r[e])||(a="!"==e[0],r[e]=i=a?e.slice(1):"sentinel-"+Math.random().toString(16).slice(2),t[n.insertRule("@keyframes "+i+"{from{transform:none;}to{transform:none;}}",t.length)]._id=e,a||(t[n.insertRule(e+"{animation-duration:0.0001s;animation-name:"+i+";}",t.length)]._id=e),r[e]=i),(o[i]=o[i]||[]).push(s)})}},off:function(e,a){(i(e)?e:[e]).map(function(e,i,s,f){if(i=r[e]){if(s=o[i],a)for(f=s.length;f--;)s[f]===a&&s.splice(f,1);else s=[];if(!s.length){for(f=t.length;f--;)t[f]._id==e&&n.deleteRule(f);delete r[e],delete o[i]}}})},reset:function(){r={},o={},e&&e.parentNode.removeChild(e),e=0}}}(document);

(() => {
  const isSignedIn = document.cookie.includes('APISID=');

  if (isSignedIn) return;


  const observer = new MutationObserver(() => {
    const dismissButton = document.querySelector(
      'yt-upsell-dialog-renderer #dismiss-button'

    dismissButton && dismissButton.click();

    const consentBump = document.querySelector('#consent-bump');

    if (consentBump) {
      const video = document.querySelector('video');

      if (!video) return;

      const onVideoPauseAfterConsentBump = () => {
        video.removeEventListener('pause', onVideoPauseAfterConsentBump);

      video.addEventListener('pause', onVideoPauseAfterConsentBump);

  observer.observe(document.querySelector('ytd-app'), { childList: true });

  sentinel.on('.ytp-large-play-button', (button) => {
    let searchTime;
    try {
      searchTime = parseInt(location.search.match(/&t=(\d+)/)[1]);
    } catch {}

    searchTime && (document.querySelector('video').currentTime = searchTime);


  function setPopupContainerDisplay() {
    const popupContainer = document.querySelector('.ytd-popup-container');
    popupContainer && (popupContainer.style.display = 'none');

  function addStyles() {
    const style = document.createElement('style');

    style.innerHTML = /* css */ `
      yt-upsell-dialog-renderer {
        display: none !important;


  function addScript() {
    const script = document.createElement('script');

    script.innerHTML = /* javascript */ `
      const player = document.querySelector('#movie_player');
      player && (player.stopVideo = function() { console.log("Don't stop!"); });



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Hi guys,

thanks for posting those scripts.The first one postet by NOP dosen't work for me (I did include youtube in Tampermonkey settings) and the redirection page keeps present.The second script postet by bb2018 works on Firefox and Brave/Chrome using Tampermonkey.Coolio! :) Lets see how long it will work til YT does change something.Thank you again guys for the help.


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The problem is there is no generic solution.  Any solution to remain working requires constant updating.  I mean a huge amount of javascript will bypass any client side stuff but the time investment is disproportionate to that of clicking out a couple popups several times a day even.  But they could even do captcha style server side checks to check human like mouse movements and try to prevent automation though from what I've seen so far this is not done.  Mainly because this is legality compliance not resource protection.

I mean any reversing job needs to consider the costs be it human labor or computational resources.  Cryptography for example is entirely about cost.  E.g. the computational cost based on key size is high enough that it's cheaper to purchase a license.  If you have as much resources as the NSA you could probably factor tons of RSA composites or even find AES keys or find preimages of hash functions.  But it's not affordable nor worth it if you could afford it.

My hope is standards are created for websites that would enable automation of tons of tasks like this.  That's the real solution and real future.  So far standardization for accepting GDPR or accessing your online accounts and downloading billing statements is non existent leaving a horrible mess.  Perhaps software as a service and increase of web APIs will take care of it.  But so far things remain pretty inflexible for automation on the web.

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