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Ida Pro 7.2 on windows with custom dark skin 2020


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hey everyone, hope I post in the right forum section and admins don't mind.. I joined the forum to find someone (and hopefully to learn/share) who had a video tutorial on youtube which has been removed called "How to install IDA PRO 7 2 on windows with full version with custom dark skin 2020".. I installed Ida Pro 7.2 last year following that tutorial and changed my ssd recently so i'll need to install it again but the video from youtube is removed.. I came across this forum because the link of the forum was in the "readme" file that came with the files.. hope someone can help/guide me in the right direction to find that video again or help me with installation.

here's the link to video removed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOwS0VZaWVg

kind regards

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forgot to add link
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44 minutes ago, XOR0XA said:

Your link is inaccessible, please correct it

We all like the dark theme, so see:


thanks for replying, link is inaccessible because video was removed. I am looking for whole tutorial on how to install the software itself not just the skin and that was the best I found at the time, now there's no tutorials to be found anywhere and I can't remember what I did exactly back then.

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