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RCE and x64 debugging. Where are we now?

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I've been absent from reversing for a long time due to many other comittments I found myself recently picking up OllyDbg analyse a program.  I was pleasantly susprised how easy it was to use and remember most of the keyboard shotcuts and navigate through the code and find the areas I need to patch in reasonable time.

This got me to remembering about the time when there was an abundance release  of tutorials, plugins, scripts, crackmes and keygenmes and so on.  All of that seems have faded along with good old OllyDbg which sadly never saw a 64-bit release.

I'd be interested to learn peoples opionions on the current state of RCE and why, to my eyes at least things don't appear as active as they once where.  Has x64dbg still got a long way to go in terms of development before it can be adopted as the successor to OllyDbg?   

Pleasure share your thoughts.     



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