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Browser player dosen't seek F/B!


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Hi guys,

normaly I'am using Firefox & Chrome/Brave browsers to surf on internet and I always find sometimes specific diffrents I don't like (in that case browser X works better than browser Y).So a while ago I found out a new issue about Brave & Firefox.Both browser using diffrent mediaplayers to play media content on webpages.Before I thought that the webpage itself does provide their own mediaplayer (youtube etc) to play the content but for some webpages the used mediaplayer is diffrent in Brave & Firefox.Both having a diffrent look and also do work diffrent.So in this case I don't care about the diffrent look so much but I do care about that they work diffrently for the same webpage.So in Firefox for example I have the ability to seek for and backward / jump in the used player but in Brave player this ability is not working and when I try to seek / jump to other location then the pointer jumps just back = does nothing = I only can watch the content from start til end.Thats of course pretty bad.I don't like to switch the browser each time when that happens on any webpage and I wanna ask whether I can do / change / setup anything in Brave to allow seeking / jumping etc to make it same good working as in Firefox.Maybe its any buffer issue I need to setup any option in Brave to make it work too or whatever.Is there anything I can do or change the default browser player setting or player itself etc?


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what are you talking about, is when a website 'send' you direct to xx.com/filename.mp4

>> example


the following website, contains a lot of junk pop ups, dont use it @ home!!

> Click 'Load Options'
choose mp4 (360)
> Click here to continue
> Click here to start

will end up to play the mp4 direcr by youtube.com


if u inspect the page source, is the HTML5 control. So is up to the browser how it will represent



ref - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTML5_video



"Firefox for example I have the ability to seek for and backward / jump in the used player but in Brave player this ability is not working"

Im on brave, no problems.

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15 hours ago, LCF-AT said:

in Brave player this ability is not working

Brave has always been quirky (for me). Is your media autoplay setting set to block autoplay?

Also check your tracker, fingerprint and adblock are not hindering control playback...


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Hi guys,

normaly Brave/Chrome does work correctly without problems playing media content correctly but not in this case.The media is a flash-content (f4v container) which was put into a pseudo mp4 container (only extension of filename was set to .mp4).The audio format shows "skip" using mediainfo to check this out.I think the problem is that specific formats of that file (its no normal mp4 file).

FireFox: Does play the file and I can seek / jump but the disadvantage is that the file needs to be pre-loaded what means when I jump few minutes forward then the player will read the whole content into buffer till the seek position was reached.Lets say the video has a lenght of 10 minutes then the mediaplayer of Firefox will load the entire video at once into bufffer.Doing some seeking F/B is just possible when the video has already loaded that parts into buffer or otherwise you have to wait and wait.

Chrome/Brave: Here its not working to seek anything.Video starts and you can just watch it til the end.

So it must depend on the used container of f4v and both browser players seems to handle that format diffrently.So you do remember that flash isnt supportet anymore and also disabled by Adobe itself (no more possible to use swf player on internet) and Chrome too (I think since december 2020).Also when you try to analyse the direct video link with FFprobe then it will load endless (only possible with very short videos) and it does show (ELST atom of 1208 bytes, bigger than 100 entries) few times.

As I said, its a special situation in that case to get diffrent results by using FF & Chrome but it must definitely depend on that file format (flash container) which is used and to pipe / force that file into the browser HTML5 player by setting the file path at the end to ".mp4".Something like that you know.


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