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Looking for fastest MPEG-TS player


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Hi guys,

just wanna ask whether anyone knows any media player which is really fast on seeking jumps <> for mpeg-ts container format videos?All players I found so far from VLC til MPC-HC etc are  just too slow and in worst case you need to wait a long while if you jump / seek before the video plays go on.Thats pretty bad and to check a video content quickly I have to change the video container (MP4) or using video editor to load it (Avidemux).All kind of detours the user has to do which I would like to prevent by finding any player who can seek ts files so quick as normal mp4 container files.

All in all it seems to depend on frame decoding process that it takes so much time to seek / jump to any point in a video.So if you do know the video editor tool VirtualDub 2 then you can see this too.First just using the ffmpeg input driver (slow working for ts files) or using the internal cache driver to load ts files (ultra fast).The internal driver dosen't decode all frames at once which makes it so fast to load it and seek for & back straight without any lag but the disadvantage is that you have to deal with not decoded frames = grayed frames (good to see if you just seek) or playing and then do a seek jump <> = grayed for a while.Otherwise I can use tools like Avidemux what always creates a "idx2" index file (takes time) you can then seek straight <>.

Back to my question about the player.Does anyone know any player or any possible special settings for players like VLC to enable / disable those decodings +/- to make seek jumps faster?


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Reencoding or indexing is really the option here.  Formats like TS represent the speed vs. size tradeoff.  The compression size is very small but the extraction speed or arbitrary lookahead is linearly slow based on decoding all that came before.  I usually am happy with the small download and then simply understand reencoding to MP4 before usage is a good workaround.

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Hi again,

just have a small question about the video editor tool called AviDemux which you can find here....


....and if I see it right then its also a NET coded tool (QT infos only to see).So my questions are..

1.) How to make it work to get settings I did / change on the main Window (video codec, audio codec, output format).So they always same also if I change them and restart.I can not find any infos in the registry where the changes get saved. :( Does anyone know how to make changes to keep them?

2.) Next issue I have is the toolbar at the top of AviDemux.I can see 4 icons only to load / save / info / filter and thats all.I think in earlier versions it had a lot more buttons and it was possible to custom them (set / unset) which is not more doable.The problem I have is that there is no "Close" button anymore to unload the loaded video OR if I drag / drop a new video into AviDemux then it just does append the video to the pre-loaded video/s.This is bad.Also there is no setting to enable / disable append video option during a drag.The only thing you can do is using the menu to choose close operation OR using short-cut strg+W to close it = detour I don't like.Just wanna ask whether its possible to add such a close button to the toolbar by editing the file with any NET tool etc?


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On 2021/2/1 at AM7点02分, LCF-AT said:


只是想问问是否有人知道在mpeg-ts容器格式视频上寻求跳转<>的媒体播放器真的很快吗?到目前为止,我发现所有播放器都距离VLC直到MPC-HC等都太慢了,在最坏的情况下,您需要如果您在播放视频之前跳了一下/搜索,请稍等片刻,这很糟糕,要快速检查视频内容,我必须更换视频容器(MP4)或使用视频编辑器加载(Avidemux)。用户必须绕道而行,我想通过找到任何可以像普通 mp4 容器文件一样快速查找 ts 文件的播放器来防止这种情况。

总而言之,它似乎取决于帧解码过程,因此要花费大量时间来查找/跳转到视频中的任何一点,因此,如果您确实知道视频编辑器工具VirtualDub 2,那么您也可以看到它。 ffmpeg输入驱动程序(对于ts文件工作缓慢)或使用内部缓存驱动程序加载ts文件(超快速)。内部驱动程序无法一次解码所有帧,因此加载和查找并直接回退的速度非常快没有任何滞后,但缺点是您必须处理未解码的帧=灰色的帧(很高兴看看您是否正在寻找)或播放,然后进行寻道跳跃<> =灰色的一段时间,否则我可以使用类似的工具Avidemux总是创建一个“ idx2”索引文件(需要花费时间),然后您可以直接查找<>。




I don’t know if what you need is this kind of similar.

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Hey guys,

just wanted to send some feedback when I was able to find any player which really can play TS files fast. So good news, I found a media player what can do this. :) Better than any other media player (VLC, MPC, etc) and the name of it is "smplayer" you can find here...


...so just try it by yourself to play own rerecorded TS files (using ffmpeg to rec online channels which is safer than using MP4 on record) or download any VOD HLS etc to have the TS file. If you have then test the file/s with your media player you do use normally (VLC in my case) and then try to seek forward / backward and you see it takes a while each time before the video runs. Now try it with that smplayer and you will see the big different. No waiting times when you seek and its same fast as would you play any MP4 container file etc. That's great! No idea how smplayer does it but it does it anyhow and you can quickly check your TS files with that player. Just a great find for all who have to deal with TS files before to decide to change the container into MP4 etc. :)


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