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How to update drivers?


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Hi guys,

I have a new little question about drivers and how to update them.I found a tool on internet called DUMo...


...what shows and listed all drivers of your system stuff.Now I see in my case I have some old drivers in use for diffrent devices....

Intel(R) Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface	Intel	1.38.2020.805	Update verfügbar (1914.13.0.1065)
Intel(R) Management Engine Interface #1	                Intel	2040.100.0.1029	Update verfügbar (2047.100.0.1039)

...but I can't update them with this tool (no license for it) or do anything with it also if it calls itself as freeware (Trash).I dont get any DL link of any latest driver with that tool.Now I tried to find and update the first driver in my list for "...Host Interface" manually using the device manager and pressing update driver on driver tab but it tells me that I'am using already the best driver.My question now is whether its really needed to update such drivers manually or whether I should keep using the installed drivers?Not sure what better is (never change running system right).Otherwise if I should update some of those drivers then how to manage that?Seems not to be so easy to find specific drivers to download like that ...Host... one etc.Just wanna know whether I should care about that to update such drivers or better NOT doing anything manually (maybe I find any crap etc).So what do you recommend or how do you manage things like that?


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17 minutes ago, LCF-AT said:

keep using the installed drivers

This. 10x this. Unless you're experiencing some problem or OS limitation, don't mess with the drivers.
It's worth updating graphics and sounds drivers once in a while, especially if you're playing the latest games. Sometimes disk drivers are updated and fix some performance or reliability issues. But apart from that - if it works, don't touch it!


As for your specific "driver issues":

1) "The Intel® Dynamic Application Loader (Intel® DAL) is a unique feature of Intel® platforms that allows you to run small portions of Java* code on Intel® Converged Security and Management Engine (Intel® CSME) firmware. It is available on most Intel® Core™ and Intel Atom® processors."

2) "Built into many Intel® Chipset–based platforms is a small, low-power computer subsystem called the Intel® Management Engine (Intel® ME). The Intel® ME performs various tasks while the system is in sleep, during the start process, and when your system is running"

Does any of those sound like a feature you are using on a regular basis or will need to use soon? I very much doubt that.
These things are very specific and very rarely used - mostly by big corporations and administrators of huge networks. 99.9% of ordinary users don't know these features even exist.. ;)

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Just update drivers straight from the source like Intel or motherboard or hard drive manufacturer.  These driver finding tools are a big nonsense, maybe for esoteric or totally obsolete hardware it could be worth a try.  Anyway coders and reversers should be aware enough to be efficient and wise and use common sense.

I've kept every driver up to date.  Generally they get better, occasionally bad driver releases happen.  But Microsoft playing with changes in Win10 builds which the hardware companies are not interested in keeping up with until it stabilizes is the cause of bugs.  I've stopped updating Win10 major releases for 4 to 6 months, problems are finished.  But I am aware it is a risk to stay up to date.  It is also a risk not to.  Just have to find a balance.

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Hi guys,

thank you for your answers so far.

Not sure about Chipset drivers, so the tool does show all Chipset driver as OK.Don't know whether the other Intel drivers like "Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface" does belong to the Chipset driver packages I can download on Intel.


The driver list I get shown by the tool DUNo.....just marked the drivers marked with ! sign what means I should better update (tool said).The others are green or orange marked (Ok - insignificant).


As I said, I can find those devices listet into manager but the updates of each single one tells me that best is already installed & used.Also I'am still not pretty sure whether it would make sense for ME and my system to update those drivers manually.Otherwise I thought MS would do those updated by itself when my system does do the updates you know.

Thanks for that detailed info kao and maybe you're right and better not touching any of those drivers and let run them as they are if they work fine (yes it does). :) Don't wanna wake up sleeping dogs who wants to bite me.Just found that tool by random and boredom you know.

Thanks again for the help guys.


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3 hours ago, kao said:

This. 10x this. Unless you're experiencing some problem or OS limitation, don't mess with the drivers.

Agreed 100%! Don't fix anything unless there is a real need. Drivers can be a huge PITA.

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