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Hello everybody,

Is anyone here who can make me a nice looking NFO? Or can tell me where I can request it? On the web I found the site from "ACiD Productions". I made a request there but didn't hear/read anything from there till now.

Let me explain a little bit more... I'm a member/moderator of a german gamehacking forum. We call it Home of Gamehacking. My name there is iNvIcTUs oRCuS. We made a fresh start with our forum because updating the forum software wasn't so easy. Our forum can be found under http://www.homeofgamehacking.de. Our current nfo is made by me but I think it needs a little bit more special. I've attached the actual one, taken from my own coded trainer for Horizon Zero Dawn.

I hope my question/request is allowed in here.

Okay I wish you all the best and a good start in the new year and stay healthy...


grEEtZ iNvIcTUs oRCuS


iNvIcTUs oRCuS.nfo

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This is my old project, actually I've shared code before, maybe you're interested in helping me develop it, actually it's very simple, just add an array of strings to manipulate the string list so it can be stored without commas, but I'm still not focused on that. I want to do a lot of things other.


ascii art

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34 minutes ago, RADIOX said:

why i could not access to your website 😕

remove the last "." from website.

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