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GitHub’s source code was leaked on GitHub last night… sort of


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Last night, developer and privacy activist Resynth1943 announced that GitHub's source code had been leaked on GitHub itself, in GitHub's own DMCA repository. It's going to take some unpacking to talk about that, but first things first—this isn't as big a deal as it might sound like.

GitHub Enterprise Server != GitHub.com


Grinding a DMCA-related axe

It seems likely that the "unknown individual" Resynth1943 referenced uploaded the leaked source code largely out of anger about the recent Youtube-dl takedown.

The code itself was dumped into GitHub's DMCA repository, which serves as a history of DMCA takedown requests that GitHub has received, as it receives them, similar to the Chilling Effects notices you may have seen on Google searches over the years.

What is this?

Inspired by Lumen (formerly Chilling Effects) and Google, this repo contains the text of DMCA takedown notices and counter-notices we've received here at GitHub. We publish them as they are received, with only personally identifiable information redacted.

Resynth1943's announcement simultaneously criticizes Microsoft as hypocritical for not deliberately opening up GitHub's source while suggesting that perhaps it will be less secure now that its code has been leaked.

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This was done using/abusing a known issue on GitHub by being able to submit to any repo if you know a valid members name/email.


This was the same exploit used to post the youtube-dl source to the DMCA repo as well. GitHub is aware of the issue and has refused to fix it according to several people already. Guess they may take it a bit more serious now that its consistently being abused against their own repos lol.

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