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Overloading by Return Type in C++


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Android 'ransomware' - zdnet.com/article/microsoft-warns-of-android-ransomware-that-activates-when-you-press-the-home-button/

BiglyBT to Support the BitTorrent v2 spec - torrentfreak.com/biglybt-is-the-first-torrent-client-to-support-the-bittorrent-v2-spec-201011/

Shrink the Windows Taskbar - ghacks.net/2020/10/07/shrink-the-windows-taskbar-modify-the-rgb-levels-hide-the-start-and-show-desktop-buttons-with-taskbarcustomizer/

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Eazfuscator.NET v2020.3 challenge :


upload is broken, to be moved to correct section when fixed.

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