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New Jersey hospital paid ransomware $670K to prevent data leak


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EU wants to limit which apps Apple and Google pre-install - businessinsider.com/us-tech-giants-face-curbs-on-data-sharing-digital-marketplaces-under-draft-eu-rules-2020-9

IBM CP/67 CMS (1973) - github.com/moshix/CP-67-CMS-Source

5 bar owners in France arrested 4 providing WiFi w/o keeping logs - cozyit.com/french-bar-owners-arrested-for-offering-free-wifi-but-not-keeping-logs/

Devs are managing 100x more code now than they did in 2010 - arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/10/sourcegraph-devs-are-managing-100x-more-code-now-than-they-did-in-2010/

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