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Windows XP Source Leaked


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As of this morning, leak is confirmed to include both Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 source code. Microsoft has confirmed the leak and is investigating.

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Both parts are uploaded to git.rip, but bound to be removed at random. (As deepzero mentioned.)

There's a few mega links for those directly as well for XP and 2k3 separately that are fairly easy to find if people are looking. Included in the source, source to some things of interest:

  • DirectInput 8
  • Direct3D 8.1
  • DirectPlay
  • DirectShow
  • GDI / GDI+
  • OpenGL (including Microsofts OpenGL to Direct3D wrapper)


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MS Took 10 Days to Remove Leaked XP Code From its Own Site - torrentfreak.com/microsoft-took-10-days-to-remove-leaked-xp-code-from-its-own-site-201010/

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