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22 minutes ago, r0ger said:

i wanted to play the sid music through memory , but it didn't work so it will crash if you try to play it through memory,

Playing SID from memory works just fine in my test app.. ;) Attached an extra simple example.



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  • 5 weeks later...

2 new crack templates :

newborn's version of meatballs effect has finally arrived as i promised (thanks to kao for collabing and helping me out in this effect !)

and yeah , the icon from sabYn's patch template is actually from one of tPORt's keygens , but i used it in the memory of that team.

no patch engines included as usual .

v2m by IJs , ahx by Daiz'l (first template with AHX playback)

spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png

CrackTemp19.zip CrackTemp20.zip

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  • 3 weeks later...

2 new crack templates and a new keygen template : 

in this keygen template i've keygenned Gilisoft privacy protector 11.0.0, but technically , the algo in masm is the same as Xylitol's did but the hardcored part is different. but no doubt,i was just giving a try on it tho.

+ new aboutbox effect arrived , ripped from a keygen by UnderPL . (initially was somehow an NFO reader, but then i transformed this to a simple aboutbox message with credit scroll + fades)

the text buttons in the first crack temp (CrackTemp21) in this post are actually borrowed from this : 

these btn's were applicable only if the background is applied via CreatePatternBrush after LoadBitmap. credit to whom made this snippet (idk who made it.)

and the second template (CrackTemp22) is barely inspired from void's patcher template. (but i've included the fade bitmap effect from TMG's keygens to make it look better)

V2M by SofT MANiAC (in CrackTemp22) and by Melwyn and Little bitchard (in KeygenTemp33 , also used in a demo made by farbrausch called fr-044: patient zero , which won in the first place on a 64k Intro compo on Simulatioo 2005 demoparty)

and AHX by Geir Tjelta.

spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png

CrackTemp21.zip CrackTemp22.zip KeygenTemp33.zip

Edited by r0ger
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new patch templates , no patch engines included.

sorry if there are too much of these but i haven't been that active on tuts4you for a while because now i've started my new year at the college and you know... projects,essays and stuff.

v2m by Dq&Biff, .IT by AdDe, v2m by Teo (third one), xm by graff.

spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png

CrackTemp23.zip CrackTemp24.zip CrackTemp25.zip CrackTemp26.zip

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  • 1 month later...

And some patch template , gifted for @Xyl2k .

music by Zalza (modified by me)



I've an updated code for the static line effect above (Graphical effect from TLG keygen) .

if you don't wanna struggle with these lines of codes to initialize the static line effect when u rly wanna add it in your template (i mean, in your main keygen dialog mostly than in an about dialog) , i've made another subroutine for it :

Static line initialization :

StaticLineInit proc hWnd:DWORD

	mov edx, nWidth
	add edx, 0Ch
	invoke CreateBitmap,nHeight,edx,1,20h,0
	mov BmpDC, eax           
	invoke CreateCompatibleDC,0
	mov BoxDC, eax
	invoke SelectObject,BoxDC,BmpDC
	invoke DeleteDC,dword_404034
	invoke CreatePatternBrush,dword_404030                
	mov dword_404038, eax
	invoke CreateSolidBrush,Black; background color                               
	mov ho, eax

	call Randomize     
	invoke GetDC,hWnd               
	mov hDC, eax             
	mov rc.left, 0
	mov rc.top, 0
	mov eax, nHeight
	mov rc.right, eax
	mov eax, nWidth
	mov rc.bottom, eax                            
	lea eax, [ThreadId]
	invoke CreateThread,0,0,offset Drawz,0,0,eax               
	mov hThread, eax
	xor eax,eax
StaticLineInit endp

and a small subroutine for freeing the static line to prevent the GDI bugs (.... or leaks.) :

FreeStatic proc hWnd:DWORD
	invoke TerminateThread,hThread,0
	invoke ReleaseDC,hWnd,hDC
	xor eax,eax
FreeStatic endp

It's pretty simple . WM_INITDIALOG : invoke StaticLineInit,hWnd .

... and WM_CLOSE : invoke FreeStatic,hWnd . and that's it. :)

Yep, pretty similar to one of the effects from iNDUCT's keygens , but when i tried to rip that proper effect from their keygen, IDA Pro was pretty confused usually , even if their keygens were coded in flat assembly (FASM 1.5x) - and yea, sadly i couldn't rip it as some of the functions/global variables for the neccesary GDI initializations were missing in the analysis (sp-analysis failed).

But i've other keygens coded in MASM that have other effects and are not present in Xylitol's GDI repo, but if you want , feel free to msg me to help me on ripping so we can move faster a little on them.

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