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finally my new effect has arrived and it's called "Crazy Word 0.1" by x0man , although it's ripped (with a little bit of help from KesMezar) :)

to get the gradient color squares on the aboutbox bg , you must cut from a template using Mspaint (or perhaps just use some colored/gradiented image) , save it as JPG , and then you should insert 0Ah on these codes :

                mov var_4,0
                push    0CC0020h; color for solid background i think ..
                push    0Ah ;0C8h picture height (200)
                push    0Ah ;190h picture width (400) 
                push    0     

and then you should insert the jpg file into resources and load the jpg from resource . however, i wrote some comments on the CrazyWord.asm file to see more about the effect. notice that in the rc file , where you've already loaded the jpg , you may need to disable visual mode and then change the "RCDATA" to "IMAGE" , otherwise the background will go black and then the words will be painted all over. and this should be the background for the aboutbox :

1453 IMAGE DISCARDABLE "poopsie.jpg"

2 variants of sizes for the aboutbox:

- 320x200 (like this one) = 140h x 0C8h

- 400x200 = 190h x 0C8h

by the way the keygen algo is removed as usual.

v2m by Soft Maniac.



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Posted (edited)

this is the most creepiest and spookiest keygen template i've ever made. the keygen algo is removed tho.

the image from the aboutbox is actually Gurgles' face (from "Gurgles and Bugman" creepypasta).

v2m by Little bitchard (if this music is too loud for you because of the beeping then sorry)


btw thanks to Xylitol for reminding me that this v2m library with replay-function still exists on this forum :) 



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another crack template i've made today.

it was initially for Speed Video Converter 4.4.9, but i couldn't find any setup for this because all the download links i've found on different arabic and iranian shareware sites are totally dead. so the patch engine is not included. i did wrote the offset patch engine for it tho.

xm by zalza (modified by me with same semitones as the original song from Europe)


btw on KeygenTemp17 , i’ve noticed again that i forgot to wrote that it was used bassmod not MagicV2mEngine , on “10x go 2” section (good grief why am i supposed to forget to edit??) 

and on KeygenTemp9 , on some platforms like Windows xp (and if you set your windows 7 theme to a classic one also) , the dialogbox font was set to ms sans serif and surprisingly it showed a little larger than how it was supposed to look like. so here comes the bug fix to this keygen template ! thanx again to Xylitol for reminding me that.


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alright , another new crack template with a new ripped effect is here !

in the spotlights.asm file , you will find all the comments i just wrote in their original values to identify the form , the colours and the speed too (initially coded by Rustem) .

patch engine not included.

v2m by MAP.



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