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Here are some of my keygen/crack GFX's / templates i've made on photoshop + WinASM studio these days :

(1) https://imgur.com/vS71RaO

(2) https://imgur.com/3fWUf30

(3) https://imgur.com/5YfB8Xg

(4) https://imgur.com/2Bt54Ne

(5) https://imgur.com/fDC4FfK

(6) https://imgur.com/p4TBQ4J

(7) https://imgur.com/gNOgPnR

(8) https://imgur.com/vkwSQ01


Please note that PERYFERiAH team is not a warez group. It is actually a vlogging team since i was making vlogs in high school in the past. And the people of the PERYFERiAH (PRF for short) were actually my high school friends (not "crackers/keygenners" as they were mentioned on the templates) and i have always made vlogs with them until March (haven't made vlogs from march because of the Covid19 pandemic and the high school was also closed after all). I've founded this team since 2018 and we have started to make vlogs in high school (not only there, but i've also made on different locations).

But in this topic, i've just wanted to show you all my GFX skills and even Assembly language programming skills (i've included only these images because they have keygen algo's in them and i don't want to get a warn after posting), ever since September 2019 i was really interested in whole demoscene and warez-scene too, even ASM/Delphi programming.

However, the keygen algo's used in these keygen projects were not made by me, but they were used only to make the keygens look real (that's why i've censored some serials on some of the pictures above), not to rip them, but BIG thanks to ev1l^4, TomaHawk,  DigitalDreamer and s3rh47 for the keygen algo's , so please don't blame on me for that. Templates no.6 and 7 are only crack templates and haven't inserted any patch engine on them cuz i was just lazy (or it doesn't need to include them since they're only templates). :m

Perhaps on graphical effects and music, I've used:

  • x0man's aboutbox effect on six of these ( templates no. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 ), and thanks to Xylitol for sharing it and to x0man for the effect.
  • BASSMOD for the music ( used on temps 1, 4 and 8 ) , thanks to Xylitol for the ASM applet and Ufo-Pu55y for the lib. It was used only for non-interpolation playback for most chiptunes.
  • uFMOD for the music used only on template no.7 (linear playback).
  • Magic's V2m engine ( used on temps 2 , 3 , 5 and 6 ) , thanks to MagicH_2001 for the engine
  • fudowarez's starfield effect (used only on template no.7) , thanks to him for it ;)
  • diablo2oo2's text scroller effect (used on temps 5 and 7), thanks to him for the applet
  • MackT's image effect (used on template no.5), thanks to him for it

If you guys want me to share the full ASM projects, let me know so i can remove the keygen algo's and post them through zip/rar files. Plus, some of the GFx's were inspired from tPORt's, and from other ones . :p

And as i said earlier, i am just showing you my GFX and assembly programming skills only, and i don't want to release the full keygens nowhere cuz they are only templates.

By the way , have a nice day , and if you guys are interested, i can make GFX's for you tho ;) .

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