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DNGuard HVM v3.953


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Since the challenge description allows it, I'm going for the quick serial fish for now :)


Secret Key: AWX610881RFFJSDJSZV
URL: http://localhost:52735/
Vendor: Fadi Sami Khalid
Address: Jordan - Amman - Khalda



Obfuscation does not really matter if your methods are just simple string comparisons. The x86 generated by the JIT compiler still reveals everything ;)

  • Run app, enter random stuff in textboxes, press Validate to trigger the JIT compiler to compile the validation method. Notice text of the label changes to Not Correct.
  • Attach WinDbg, set breakpoint on Control.set_Text (use !name2ee System.Windows.Forms.dll System.Windows.Control.set_Text to get the address to breakpoint). Continue execution and press Validate again.
  • Type !clrstack to notice the click handler is in Form1._01.01.  Copy the address of the handler and dump the x86 code using !U <address>. (dump here https://pastebin.com/br3s09Gv)
  • Notice in x86 code its just a bunch of string.Equals calls. Set a breakpoint on all string.Equals(string, string) calls in the method. Continue execution and press Validate one more time again.
  • Use !dumpstackobjects to read out the correct values for every one of these calls.


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5 hours ago, GautamGreat said:

I would love to have some information about hooking Jit

just dm me sir 

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