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Any experience with Code Virtualizer?


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I am considering to start using Code Virtualizer (mainly because it supports binary formats not only for Windows).

Could someone share experience/impressions on this piece of software? If possible, how it stands compared with other codeĀ  virtualizing obfuscators?

Note: I found a paper "Comparing the Effectiveness of Commercial Obfuscators against MATE Attacks" (by several guys from Univerisites of South Alabama and Nebraska), where the Subj: is compared with VMProtect and Themida - I can guess the Code Virtualizer gained some attention, if it became a subject of study.

Thanks in advance for any information.

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code virtualizer is really lite and super easy to use code obfuscation tool and in comparative look of other tools such as VMProtect or themida i recommended you to use CV (code virtualizer) because most of other application cause false-positive with antivirus softwares but CV is more reliable than others

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@Gladiator I see the point. The current Go example from CVDemo.zip crashes in protected form when built with Go 1.15 (it doesn't crash if I remove "defer" line and use it without "defer"), but otherwise I don't see major glitches so far.

I wonder whether their support mailbox is quicker than sales' one.

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