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Dnguard packed tool HELP!!


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Hi all i'm new on this forum and i really need you're help (sorry for my bad english)

let me introduce my problem :

in few days ago i tried to crack a keylogger to see how he was made

and this software was packed by two packers  the number one is called enigma protector 5.x

and the second packer is called dnguard (yeah dnguard a very old packer)

so i successfully bypassed the enigma protection and now there is my problem 

"DNGUARD" this packer is old and he seems to be good as far as i could see

so i googled how to unpack this and i found nothing i just found one unpacker made by "death"

and this tool upgraded and fixed by codecracker (codeexplorer i think ?)

so i downloaded the codeexplorer version but now i have a huge problem the unpacker returns a error when i want to unpack my keylogger 


after this error the program won't continue 

so i searched for a fixed version of this problem and i found some links but all links where the uploaded  fixed version are dead 🙁 or make this error

obfuscated code spacer.png

all strings are encrypted by this message "error dnguard runtime library not loaded"

so if someone can help me how to unpack it it would be really nice

the exe (zipped with all resources) : https://www28.zippyshare.com/v/lJ9k96Xb/file.html

i left the enigma version if i do something wrong

Thanks !


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Not only it is protected with DNGuard HVM but also with Appfuscator. The tool you mentioned does not support newer versions of dng and has to be updated to support it. Recently @CodeExplorer announced that he is willing to share source code of this tool to a skilled reverser for it to be updated.

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