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Removing “Annoying” Windows 10 Features is a DMCA Violation, Microsoft Says (Ninjutsu OS)

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Ninjutsu OS, a new software tool that heavily modifies Windows 10 with a huge number of tweaks, mods and extra tools, has been hit with a DMCA complaint by Microsoft. According to the copyright notice, the customizing, tweaking and disabling of Windows 10 features, even when that improves privacy, amounts to a violation of Microsoft's software license.

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DMCA violation? Then what the Micro$oft does is human rights and human privacy violation with their forced updates that sometimes take around half an hour or more to complete. The deferring process does not always work in case of what M$ deems as critical updates and these updates restart the computer at their sweet will and wish and take as much time as they need for their completion 🙃

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I would not advise anybody to use such windows mod downloaded from torrent because what they can modify in kernel or usermode may be placed rootkit or trojan. Better download official windows build and mod it yourself and install a good firewall is enough.

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