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Where I can find an App for Android?

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I am searching an app for Android which can replace my telephone number with some fake number when I call somebody.

Does anyone know something like this&? Where I can find it?


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depends if your provider allow it, dig @ 



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Yes, the Burner is good, but .. subscription,  telephone numbers rent and expiration etc... May be something simpler ....

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17 hours ago, zhuk said:

but .. subscription,  telephone numbers rent and expiration etc...

You can never get a good phone number that actually works, for free! If you get something for free, it would get abused very fast by spammers and all the numbers offered by that company would be blacklisted by major companies very soon.

Good phone numbers cost a premium and if you want to get them in an anonymous manner they would cost far more.


18 hours ago, zhuk said:

which can replace my telephone number with some fake number when I call somebody.

The telecom authorities (at least in most developed countries) do their best to prevent such apps from working since they are mostly used by criminals and scammers to hide their identity (including kidnappers and such).

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If you could hack into a phone exchange system, probably you could have a lot of options from spoofing to hijacking to blocking or anonymizing.  Of course this would get detected especially if used for an extended time for questionable uses warranting investigation.  Also the security is probably very good and would require infiltration or a large human intelligence effort to achieve.  Access for all sorts of things on the dark web is sold these days for various prices though.

One idea though is a dark web style phone system where peer to peer mixing and anonymizing would be used by a large number of clients.  Though probably that is not going to be legal given phone laws tend to be far more strict than internet ones on the manner of how it can be used.  Since calls can be forwarded such a chain is possible but probably would use the web for that part anyway so as not to tie up lines.

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