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Corona Obfuscator

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Posted (edited)

Language : C#
Difficulty : idk
Platform : Windows
Packer/obfuscator :  COrona_obfuscator

Description :

Want To see if the protections is good enough. Corona_Vm is basically SOme one modded KOIVM idk if its good so yeah 





VT :https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/892dccbe1089f8b59827c1199f61cd40e8f74b9642b9965648d457dfd45fe425/detection
DL : https://bayfiles.com/n8U0jdkbo9/ConsoleApp2_exe


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Posted (edited)

hmm nice load method :) thnx bro

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That's MemeVM

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41 minutes ago, CodeExplorer said:

nope just checked it some koivm with junk added

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Posted (edited)

Very mature choice for username and password. 😑


user: HattanisGAy

pass: Noone ISgay



No need for unpacking. Everything is visible in the debugger:

Tutorial using WinDBG:

  • Run program without debugger
  • Attach WinDBG, load SOS extension.
  • Break execution, !dumpheap -strings. Create a copy of the output
  • Continue execution, Enter random username and pasword.
  • Break execution, !dumpheap -strings again. Notice string "HattanisGAy" is added. Must be username
  • repeat previous two steps, but this time fill in correct username. Observe password.

Tutorial using dnSpy:

  • Run program without debugger
  • Attach dnSpy.
  • Think of a username (e.g. "washi") and password (e.g. "1234") combi
  • Add breakpoint on String.Equals(string a, string b) with condition a == "washi" || b == "washi"
  • Continue execution, enter random user-pass
  • Breakpoint hits, observe correct username.
  • Do the same with password.


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Added missing words. (see edit history)
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