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Cracking DNGuard And Other Protections


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Hey Guys, :)

I'm a newbie In Reversing world, after entering the world of sysadmins, I've found many software helping sysadmins to complete their jobs uncured
Like EMCO Remote Installer, Symantec Ghost Solution Suite, Acronis Snap Deploy,... etc

I've done from the tricks of freezing the date, advancing the clock & replacing Protection dll from old versions to use the older keygen but these tricks
works for some software not all of them, that's why i came here in the first place, to learn how to patch protection dll & to learn also serial fishing.

As a newbie can someone teaches me how to scan directory of software DLLs Or EXEs to fetch the protection system used in activation wizard and
how to bypass it using various tools (and please, without coding as I already hate powershell scripts, i have a weak memory to remember syntaxes)?

which tools also i'm gonna need to crack protections using debuggers ? and how to use virtual machines to crack protection ?? I'm All Ears :)

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