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Chrome executives: I know you think this won't get traction because it'll never be as easy to install as uBlock. 

Watch me as I make it every bit as easy by the time you finish switching to declarativeNetRequest.



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Ad-blocking proxy? Where have I seen that before? :) Oh, yeah, Proxomitron from year 2003.

Privoxy does the same thing. Adguard has had proxy option for years. So there's really no reason to get overly excited for that "early alpha software" hipsterproject.

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spacer.png  14 days trial period (26mb setup)

spacer.png    didnt see supporting any update list

EasyList Tracker and Adblocks to Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) File and Privoxy Actions and Filters



Resilience - Built-in support for EasyList and EasyPrivacy

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