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The end of Visual Basic (.net 5.0)


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Are we even reading the same fu*ing article?! Visual Basic is not going anywhere...


If you are happy with .NET Framework, you can be confident that it will remain supported as long as Windows is supported because it is shipped with the OS. Both Visual Basic and C# customers can continue to use .NET Framework and need to port to .NET Core only if you want features like those listed above.


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Going forward, we do not plan to evolve Visual Basic as a language. This supports language stability and maintains compatibility between the .NET Core and .NET Framework versions of Visual Basic. Future features of .NET Core that require language changes may not be supported in Visual Basic.

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No new features doesn't mean the end of the programming language. :) 

I'm pretty sure VB will stay as the first (and only) language for script kiddies for next 5-10 years. As for the others - how many serious programmers use Visual Basic with .NET anyway? And how many times you've seen VB code using lambda expressions or await operator?

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Been using VB.NET now professionally for a couple of years now. (Not by choice ;) ) Is does what its supposed to do. Lambda expressions and await operators work just fine. Just a whole lot more typing is needed :D



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