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Dark Protector Mod


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Language : .NET
Platform : Windows [x32/x64]
OS Version : Windows 10
Packer / Protector : ConfuserEX Custom [Dark Protector Mod]

Description :

Unpack the exe to find the key! If you would give a brief explanation on how you unpacked it. The exe has max protections and will pop up a messagebox once you enter the correct password.

Protections Added to this Unpack Exe: Junk Code, Anti De4Dot, Anti Debug, Anti Dump, Anti ILDasm, Anti Tamper, Calli Protection, Constant Dis, Constants, Control Flow, Hide Methods, Invalid Metadata, MD5 Checksum, Mid Ref Proxy, Mutate Constants, Mutations, Module Flood, Reference Proxy, Renamer, Resources, and Stack Underflow.

Screenshot :



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