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Windows 10 users are losing user profiles and desktop files due KB4532693


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I wanted to update Win10 too few days ago but it always failed to install the new found updates.Today I tried it again (again failed few times) but then it did install the new 3 updates successfully (Windows said I am up-to-date).All seems to be ok for me without loosing my desktop or anything like other users have after installing KB4532693.Seems I had a little luck this time (Win10 x64 1909).My update history looking like this...

Erfolgreich installiert am ‎13.‎02.‎2020
Erfolgreich installiert am ‎13.‎02.‎2020
Erfolgreich installiert am ‎13.‎02.‎2020

KB4537759 (6) <-- 6 times failed
Letzter fehlerhafter Installationsversuch: ‎13.‎02.‎2020 – 0x8e5e0408
KB4532693 (7) <-- 7 times failed
Letzter fehlerhafter Installationsversuch: ‎13.‎02.‎2020 – 0x8e5e0408
Fehler bei der Installation am ‎13.‎02.‎2020 – 0x8e5e0408

....not sure why the history dosent gets cleaned up to remove the fails.One time I tried to install the KB4537759 manually from catalog but failed too.Seems that Windows sometimes is also trying to install a update what cant be installed before a other update is installed.


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