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Enigma v6.4

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Difficulty : 6
Language : C++ 14
Platform : x86
OS Version : Windows 7 +
Packer / Protector : The Enigma Protector v6.4

Description :

Patch HWID and unpack it.

Screenshot :




Enigma 6.4 UnpackMe.zip

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Posted (edited)

1) There was nothing new, unlike the old versions, I did not replace the HWID, I just found the button in the NAG and patched the execution result, because the file did not have a constant, it worked.
2) One of the functions was under the virtual machine, not counting the EP. CISC vm is a simple virtual machine and the code was small.


push 0
push 0
push 575378
call 4078BC


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here is unpacked after unpack MSG in Chinese language i am not understand


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