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Do you know any tiny image editor?


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Hi guys,

I'am looking for a little image editor tool (no big one like Photoshop etc) what should have some features.

1.) Free Rotate function (also for alpha blend png images without to create any colored background).

2.) Free Resize function.Something like using mouse scroller to make image smaller or larger to see it on fly before accepting.

As I said,just looking for a small size & quick starting tool.I also have any free Photoshop app what can do this but it loads endless before you can work with.Just something little what must have the 2 conditions I told above.Do you know any tool I could check out?


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Starting from the smallest: IrfanView, XNView Classic, Paint.NET.

Rotate works in all 3;
Saving transparency info is slightly crappy in IrfanView, works perfectly in all others;
Resize on mouse scroller - haven't seen in any editor ever. Works in all 3 by entering resize % (eg. 200%) or target dimensions;


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Hi again,

thanks so far.Ok I have test those tools a little.Only app which is more usable is the Paint.NET one.Rotation seems to be good and resizing I can do too with mouse and strg.Will check this out some more.

The FSC I used before already just making some snaps or crops but it hasnt a good rotate function and dosent work with alpha blend png files = it created any background color.Maybe only doable with editor app working with layers.

By the way,I see that the Paint.NET has many plugins users can download.So are there also any color matching plugin to make same color?

Example: If I have 2 pictures and one is more blue and the other pic is more yellow and now I wanna make both same in any color the pic 1 or 2 is using to get both pics in same color so that they look same anyhow from one source etc.In those editor tools I can change color values and curves etc but just manually which makes not much sense for me in this case.Is there any auto color match function somewhere or something?


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