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Prediction: cloud-key VM schemes are the final frontier of bin protection


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I predict streaming keys and code in to encrypted VM engines(which implement all the old anti-RE schemes as well) will be the final attempt at DRM. Why? Because other than implementing a TPM or SEE in such a system there is really nothing else you can do without chip makers stepping in and basically rolling out gaming console type schemes.. Even the Xbox One is basically Signed-bootrom+Windows 10+UWP+Hypervisor, though; encrypted RAM and the ARM TPM are just Zen&Ryzen features and don't actually mitigate memory corruption attacks or patching code...

One day you will see crypto in MMUs that makes a lot of things obsolete(like stack and heap corruption); especially when combined with a bug free signed boot chain and glitching mitigation.. This is actually what I'm waiting for..

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