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Bartosz Wójcik

Simple Polymorphic Engine (SPE32)

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Bartosz Wójcik

Simple Polymorphic Engine (SPE32) is a simple polymorphic engine for encrypting code and data. It is an amateur project that can be used to demonstrate what polymorphic engines are.

SPE32 allows you to encrypt any data and generate a unique decryption code for this data. The encryption algorithm uses randomly selected instructions and encryption keys.


Sample polymorphic code in x86dbg window:


Another polymorphic code mutation, this time with code junks


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Nice little piece of code - I'm sure many will learn from you sharing the source too :)

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Posted (edited)

This is another nice piece of code, maybe old but very interesting, 100% guaranteed :) Speaking of mutation engines, who doesn't remember the great DAME by Dark Avenger? Here is the full source code ;)


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