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Teddy Rogers

Looking back at the Snowden revelations...

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Teddy Rogers

What did the Snowden leaks tell us about modern surveillance capabilities? And what did we learn about our ability to defend against them?

Interesting blog entry by Matthew Green...


For me personally, I was fully aware US SIGNIT had stepped up surveillance and data gathering after 9/11. There have been numerous news articles over many years prior to the Snowden leaks reporting on new infrastructure and funding allocations, such as the Utah Data Center. What I was most surprised about from the leaks was just the sheer amount of data being gathered up and exploited in conjunction with other nations as part of the FVEY. Using members in FVEY to gather data on their own citizens to circumvent their own laws. Infiltrating Google and Yahoo to intercept communications in realtime. The list goes on... it is quite astonishing as to the scope and extent of what was happening...


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