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As stated in their small FAQ on the link I posted:

How do I get a free license?  What features are included?

Sandboxie currently uses a license key to activate and grant access to premium features only available to paid customers (as opposed to those using a free version).  We have modified the code and have released an updated free version that does not restrict any features.  In other words, the new free license will have access to all the features previously only available to paid customers.

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On 9/11/2019 at 9:35 PM, LCF-AT said:

working same like the not free pre version without restrictions?

I have never used it before, but from the first look - it installs offline, doesn't require any activation or license key, you can create more than one sandbox (which was a limitation in unregistered versions) and "Forced programs" also works. Looks good to me. :)


EDIT 2x: direct download links (REMOVED, as they apparently are time-limited)



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@LCF-AT: Sorry about the inconvenience. At the time of posting links were tested from several IP addresses and were working. Please use official download site, or the other option mentioned by whoknows. :)


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Sandboxie has finally released the source code. You can get it from sandboxie.com or from the attachment.

Useful information from the webpage:


How do I compile the code?
There are 3 steps to building Sandboxie:

  1. Compile the source code
  2. Sign the generated binaries (optional for most things but required for the driver)
  3. Create the installer (optional but useful for initially performing tasks like installing the service and driver)

To start with there is a Readme.txt file in the root of the source code.

The main piece of source that is needed to compile the code is Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. (The Community Version may build the source code but be advised that there are restrictions on the use of the binaries generated by this version). There is a dependency on the Microsoft Windows Device Driver Kit 7.1.0 (link has been provided in the Readme.txt file).

There is a separate Readme.txt located in the /install/ folder for building the installer. This contains additional requirements to set up.


Are there any restrictions to using the source code?
We are releasing the source code under the GPL v3 license (https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html)


Do I need to sign my drivers?
Yes, Microsoft requires that all drivers are signed. This requires purchasing a validated certificate from a Certificate Authority who normally will vet the individual/company that they are issuing too. Since Windows 10, Microsoft also requires that all drivers be submitted to them through their hardware development portal so that it can be validated and signed by them.

For testing purposes, it is possible to create a self-signed certificate and use that to sign your driver locally. Windows still need to run in what is called Test Signing mode in order to accept this form of signed driver.

It is beyond the scope of this document to describe how to sign the binaries but there are plenty of resources online to help with this.

Can I avoid signing the driver?
If you use a version of the driver that is already signed, it is possible to update other components and drop in files as replacements. The only condition is that the “Version” associated with the SbieSvc project (see common\my_version.h) matches the driver version.



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Hi guys,

so if Sandboxie is Open Source now could anyone check out in this source what the reason is to get this error code....

SBIE2101 ConnectPort (C0000022) access=001F0000 initialized=1

....?Mostly I get this error 3 times when I start Brave browser in a used SB.On Sandboxie site itself I can not find any infos about this error...


...maybe anyone could check this to find the possible reason and how to bypass it.All in all it looks like a random error only which sometimes happens sometimes not but would be better to know what this error means and how to disable it.Some access denied error for what & why?


PS: I am using x64 version of SB on WIn10.


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found another issue using SB.The Tor browser 64 version dosent work starting in SB.I get this error..

firefox.exe - DLL-Initialisierung failed
Die Initialisierung der DLL "C:\Program Files\Sandboxie\SbieDll.dll" is failed.

...but the x86 version of Tor runs in SB without errors.Only disadvantage is that the IDM integration module dosent work with Tor in SB (only outside).

PS: I have seen some unofficial update if SB to version 5.33.6.Does anyone know what this is?On main page I dont find any infos about that release.Is it a fake or something?


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ok so what does it mean?Is this new version just pre-pared for comming releses (from new source) etc?Just asking, otherwise they say code was just stipped.


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It means they released a copy of the code to the public and have no intentions on maintaining it or giving support for it. They stripped out some things, although they did not say what. (Could be features, licensing related things, etc.) But overall just basically means "here you go, enjoy this, but you're on your own with it".

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  • 2 months later...


Release v0.3 / 5.42


This is a huge update fixing many bugs and security issues, it also expands on the functionality of the new SandMan.exe UI component, Check out the full ChangeLog for more details.

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