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[C#] Phoenix + Beds + ILprotector + Enigma


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Language : .NET
Platform : Windows
OS Version : x64
Packer / Protector : Phoenix + Beds + ILprotector + Enigma (ILprotector + Enigma + Beds = Paid + Newest Versions)

Description :
Let us know how it was done!

Sorry Mods For File Size (Enigma Seems To Increase The File Size No Matter What As Well As IlProtector I can Show Proof And Protect In front If Need Be)

Screenshot :



Download File: Download


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I cannot attach it because it is a 0.90MB max file size, When using Enigma its VM it creates I imagine is why the file size increases by so much, ILProtect increases it as well due to the DLLs it requires at runtime.

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First i dumped file and enigma protector was removed 
Then i used ILProtector Unpacker by ElektroKill 
After i use constant decryptor made by cursedsheep and i was able to see the code :)

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@0x59 is ILProtector Unpacker by ElektroKill, 

I removed the engima, but when using the ILProtector Unpacker by ElektroKill it does not work, could you share a video or tutorial on how to remove that ilprotect layer because the ElektroKill tool does not work for me

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