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Control Flow Graph for .NET


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Is there any way to create a proper control flow graph of the code the same way that it is available for native apps in IDA Pro? I am looking for something like this but for .NET decompiled code:


If I attempt to do this in IDA for .NET executables, I get a similar graph but it is for IL code (not the decompiled .NET code).

So I am asking if anyone here is aware of any way that similar graphs could be generated (using any tool) for .NET code. I tried using GraphViz but it was too cumbersome.

The tools I found after a quick search are very old and do not support the newer .NET runtimes or executables. So I am looking for any tools that would enable us to create a quick CFG just the same way that IDA makes it possible for native apps.

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Thanks @XenocodeRCE I did run into this during my search on github. As you said, it does need a little more work and I am not a developer..

So I am looking for a tool similar to IDA where it generates a graph without much programming work from our side. Shareware at a reasonable cost (around $100) is fine with me if there are no free tools to do the job.

Of course, I need the graph generated only for non-obfuscated .NET executables.

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