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where did it all go?


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noob here

just remember really great high feelings being young applying keygens and stuff (the style of scenery, art made it meaningful in Existence better than anything on the pc really, that C feeling of all , going to a hotel to access non-dial up internet and downloading P2P ^^^ <3 ....

from what I gathered communities/forums were a serious connection...

At the moment, from what ''I'' gathered is a lot of the scene has either vanished for my liking anyway... which is good still, for commoners, but with more people with access to the net, more people living, where has the scene gone???? the scenery net of knowledge even, the whole theme,,,,, ???     for cracking,the hazxz0r bs... you know, the twitter thing, it sure looks sick right? ^

not questions , but what could a single ''techy' even do, to bring it all back? to get new

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