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Dunno if this is in the right topic forum or not but I found something ridiculous in vis studios

Apparently MCSFT gives you a time limitation evaluation in its vis studios 2019 trial

after my time expired I decided to set my system clock back 2 weeks

Instead of the “your trial license has expired,” it fired up

but at first any changes made in my cs files wouldn’t stick when debugging my prog

i deleted the VS backup folder and deleted the VS splash open recent’s solution

selected the open local folder and headed to my prog’s directory of cs files

hit F5 debug and it let me continue running it with 14 more days trial license

—lost my designer window though so no ez drag n drop toolbox stuff




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Are u sure the changes u make are in the binary u debug?
VS has this bad predefined option which doesnt build changes on 'start debugging'.
There are 2 options the one is under solution properties irc and the other one in options projects & solutions build & run.

VS licensing is like this from as far i remember 2013?+, depending on the version checks for further data and ur 'trick' there, wont work if ur date is over month.
Ive digged this shit some time ago to make a loader since their community products require microsoft account logins.

If u keep face this problem or any license related let me know.


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i deleted the bin/debug/ project exe

and added a msg box to test that and changes are saved

added screenshots to show ya what I’m saying - no I don’t not wanna pay for any license on this thing 




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7 minutes ago, Apuromafo said:

there exist visual studio community, maybe can use until you can found other licence/

Visual Studio Community also expires: I mean you still have to register online:


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3 minutes ago, CodeExplorer said:


really need login for unlock the ide, only that ;)  Community Edition is free. You just need to sign-in with your Microsoft account and everything will be fine again.

im was using from 2017 to today..never i was need a licence .. only login

BR, Apuromafo 

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didn’t mean to stir up arguments 

1) I'm not signing into anything

2) not re-downloading vis studio

3) not paying


point was just to show how dumb MCSFT is that this ide should have expired and forced me to do any of the above prior 1-3’s, and all it takes is a simple clock setback to continue to use it despite its being expired without any license


ps: sure, I could vm my os and do it that way

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4 hours ago, JMC31337 said:

ps: sure, I could vm my os and do it that way

or simply use tools like RunAsDate ;) 

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