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Looking for a Firefox AddOn to scan for HLS streams

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Hi guys,

today I have seen that one of my Firefox AddOns was disabled because of any security issues...

Flash Video Downloader has been blocked for your protection.
Why was it blocked?
This add-on violates Mozilla's policies by executing remote code.
What does this mean?
The problematic add-on or plugin will be automatically disabled and no longer usable.

When Mozilla becomes aware of add-ons, plugins, or other third-party software that seriously compromises Firefox security, stability, or performance and meets certain criteria, the software may be blocked from general use. For more information, please read this support article.

...great!Now I cant use it anymore and I am looking for any alternative AddOn what does show playlist HLS links of any video.I was just using this AddOn for this only to get the links quickly without to check manually the webconsole etc.Now its gone.The good thing with this AddOn was that it has shown all HLS links inside of a playlist which was present and via simple button  press I could copy it into clipboard.I didnt found any other AddOn what can do this or has a HLS scanner.

Before I found  also a AddOn called The Stream Detector....


....what does also output HLS streams to copy them but only the actually running stream of the video like 480p for example.In this case I need first to switch to other quality +/- of the video to get this stream link shown.Thats a disadvantage and would be better when it would list all streams of the playlist like fvd did it....


.....like above.So does anyone of you know any other AddOn what can do this?Or maybe any GM / TM script etc?As I said I am just looking for a HLS scanner showing the content of playlist like above on the pic or similar (with copy to clipboard button).I dont care or need any download function.Maybe anyone has / use already something like this I dont know yet.Maybe you?


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I just grab the "master" m3u8 from network under F12 then put it through FFMPEG.. Takes less than a minute usually

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Hi guys,

yes,so from that FVD are many diffrent versions to find also with diffrent names but all looking almost same.So as I said I dont need that extra ffmpeg module package of round about 100 MB.There is also no asking message anymore to download this package or not like in earlier version.So in Firefox I dont use this AddOn anymore and use Video DownloadHelper AddOn what shows the playlist links too.Not so nice and also not all like in FVD but anyway.

Yes ok,but checking each time the network tab in browser is pretty uncomfortable chickenbutt.I prefer better and faster methods under 3 seconds max.FVD was good in that showing all playlist for each single tab + copy to clipboard.Thats was also the only feature I used and never used it to download anything so in this case the AddOn was really trash.Maybe there is anyone who could create a AddOn clone from this AddOn just showing the info window.Any small light version without that whole download / module stuff.


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