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For example, right now there's a big frenzy about the new cloud systems or the next big thing on sm,etc..

The open source pi could follow the world to something nicer, some sort of open source system that would allow folks to help humanity in a meaningful way. Even that search engine that plants trees from ad revenue is a start...

  • "Gene manipulation boosts tree growth rate and size" (2015) //// Faculty of Life Sciences, successfully modified two genes in poplar trees, called PXY and CLE, which are responsible for the rate of cell division in tree trunks

So if you think about how some systems work, wireless communications and all that, when can humans be open minded about programming for the earth, open source if you will, so some sort of collaboration help each other on the earth via a open system just like GNU,


Why would that be a good idea one may ask?


and in the end you should philosophically realize just because you're in a separate body from someone else does not mean you do not experience the other beings experiences. So say you cracked the code kid, that does not mean you won't suffer from the lost of cash, because that developer is a experience, so you should view [YOU the cracker] and [Ryan  the software developer] from a spectator viewing point, don't you see that you are everyone and everyone is you, of course that excludes karma, rright?  

Air pollution causes ‘huge’ reduction in intelligence, study reveals

Prolonged exposure to air pollution leads to genetic changes in rat brains, study finds

philosophy, maybe? 

GNU , yes..... Open Earth NW, where people's open source work on tree genetics, plant growth,technology scientific to fix the climate, people with diseases..... nanotechnology is cool, but to open the philosophy doors is another.

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