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Language: C/C++
Platform: Windows x86
OS Version: Windows
Packer / Protector: None


Simple obfuscation. Change "input a number" text. 

Gold: add +1 to sum factorial





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wrong exe (see edit history)

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Program cannot start because VMprotect dll is missing


Packer / Protector: None

Are you sure this is using no packer or protector?

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[*] Changed the textsb40XYS.png


How I did it?



Simply by breaking the runtime in this address: 00CA675B then you would be able to see the text in the edx register, so I changed that text from memory dump as you can see here KKPnhzF.png




[*] Added +1 to sum factorial


How I didt it?


Same story go to 00CA5070 and edit the eax reg


For now that the addresses are well know you can easily calculate the string value and change edit these reg values by patching the exe so it always return what ever you want.

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More details (see edit history)
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