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How to get thumbnails for webm VP9 videos?


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Hi guys,

I have a short question.Today I did download a video on youtube but in VP9 Format (by random in this format) and now I dont get any thumbnail preview of this video file what is strange anyhow.I found some other webm videos with VP8 Format and there I get all thumbs to see in Windows 7 explorer.

I also have the app MediaPreview installed where I can refresh the thumbnailbuffer what I did.Now I get new thumbnails for my videos but if I select the VP9 video then windows starts the dllhost.exe which runs endless and with a high CPU usage.Somehow Windows 7 cant handle it in my case so far.

I just wanna know now what it needs to get also that video thumbnails for the VP9 Format too.Does anyone know that?


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