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How can Malware(KeyLogger) send data over other network?

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Recently i have been studying on malware analysis on my own, as a college student,through books (Practical Malware Analysis),online tutorials (kienmanowar OLLYDBG) and self programming.

No experience yet ,but i tried to write a simple keylogger program in C, and i was wondering: How can a keylogger program send data over other network to the Attacker?

Assuming the victim's machine has the Internet Connection.

I have done some research on C Socket Programming, but it seems like a non-practical way for a real-life keylogger program to achieve this purpose.

I would appreciate if someone could give me some keywords, links to related documents,or book name so that i can gain more knowledge about this .

Sorry for my English grammar!


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generally they log to a memory block / buffer or to a file, once that gets full, reaches a specific size, system is idle or whatever event / threshold you decide up on, then it would do the transmission of the logged keystrokes to the target server... 

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