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A strange dream - A Java "Rever" tool name inexistent


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Yesterday I had a strange dream: not a joke, actually happened!
A woman asked a question: What tool can be used for Java reverse engineering?
- Some dissemblers I answered.
Then the woman said "Rever"
The first thing I did when I woke up: I google search for Rever
and it seems there is not tool with that name.

It is strange what thing can holds our subconscious mind!
I give up on Java reversing and now I mostly do manual unpacking;
hopefully next dream will be about manual unpacking ☺️


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According to my personal experience this can mean one thing !

you are horny, you need to get some pu$$y ASAP

The woman was referring to her pussy when she asked about a "tool" for reverse engineering to tease you !

The "rever" is a slang name for the weed joint, which could be a metaphor for your Johnson ! she wants the D man :D


I'm just kidding :D

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Excuse me for intrusion, but i think, dreaming about work is sign of stress and tired mind.

Dreaming about woman refer to sex, i agree with Kurapica.

Take a rest my friend😉.

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Last night I dreamt my football team would win 0-1. The next morning I heard the score over the radio that they had won the game 0-1.

A betting man would want to have these dreams the night before...


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Reve is the synonym of dream in french
the "R" at the end stands for "Registered"

dream registered ! 

you've cracked your dream dude , take a rest lol 


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Intelligence handlers can design dreams using sophisticated technology now.  So if you are putting reliance in your dreams then probably you will be misguided or guided like a puppet right into a nice trap.  Even people you meet might seem or feel familiar already, a handler's favorite tactic for introducing two assets to each other with remarkable high success rates.  I would leave the emotions and subconscious in the dust and use the heart and the conscious mind which has true decision making capabilities to make the right decisions.  Everyone who fails to do this usually is led quite astray.

Certainly I wouldn't involve myself in something like gambling over such a shady tactic.  They have ruined a lot of people with these stunts - making them feel they have some type of foresight power or good luck or what have you.  Doesn't anyone wonder where the technology from the last huge international scale war ended up?

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