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FFmpeg Quicky 1.0

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Hi guys,

I am a fan of FFmpeg CLI tool but its always hard to remember all commandline arguments if I didnt used it for a longer while and I can't find my notes about it (as always).Now I thought it would be a good idea to code a GUI tool where I can use FFmpeg with and store all commandline argument combinations I want into it to call and execute them quickly.I know there are already a few GUI tools out there for FFmpeg but they have some limitations and or are not my taste.So you know I have always a special taste and wanna combine all together in the best case.Now after few months I am done with a first version and wanna also share it with you guys.



First Steps
Start the app and enter your FFmpeg path.If you dont have it then download a static build from FFmpeg.org or ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/

Next should have installed the VLC player (2.2.6 in my case)

How it works?
So the app has 2 diffrent GUIs.The main GUI you can use for media editing,converting etc all what you can do with FFmpeg commandline arguments.The seconds GUI I made specially for quick handling of streams to play download them plus more features which could be important.

Features: Main GUI
-Quick analysis of files after drag & drop into the app and showing the info into it
-Full analysis of file by MediaInfo or FFmpeg itself
-Preview image of video files & quick playing by your video player
-Three diffrent commandline edit controls in main GUI to execute with FFmpeg
-Quick Mux / DeMux function to extract / add / change streams without re-encoding in Concat or Input mode
-Window to see whole FFmpeg traffic
-Storage listview to (add / delete / send / play / record / search) manage your commandlines and infos
-NoFile (you can use FFmpeg like in a normal CMD window)

Features: Quicky GUI
-Store and choose diffrent URLs by menu
-Store and choose diffrent commandline args by menu
-Store and choose diffrent pre commandline args by menu
-Store and choose diffrent names by menu (Will used to save into file and showing in VLC)
-Play,Download,Edit,Search functions etc
-Store names and URLs into extra listview
-Store and call till three custom request headers
-Diffrent choosable request methods,user agents and optinal headers
-Url checking (with or without SSL)
-Reading pagesources
-Finding URL extensions
-Response Header
-Switch View (CRLF)
-JSON Viewer
-URL Decoder
-OnTop On/Off

I also created a video with some examples how to use my app but the video was getting a little big with 50 MB so I am sorry for that.Inside you can also find some text files with infos.If something not works or if I forgot to explain some feature or anything else than just post a reply in this topic.Have fun and till later.

PS: I also wanna send some extra special thanks to our member fearless who always helped me a lot (without getting crazy - I think so..) with all my coding questions I had.Thank you.

Merry Christmas and greetz

FFmpeg Quicky 1.0.rar

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nice to hear that you are still active :lol:

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Teddy Rogers
8 hours ago, LCF-AT said:

So you know I have always a special taste

Lol! Too right we know this! Have a merry Christmas, wishing you and family all the best... :)


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Nice Tool Lcf !

Can you contact me your Pm is Full.


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